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NEW swim Arrivals

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Our Experience

Our in-store experience promotes comfortability and body positivity. Whether you shop with an appointment or you just walk in, we aim to provide support through your entire shopping experience. We work together by listening to each other, exploring style suggestions, and learning tricks to try on correctly. Work with us and the end result will be finding a swimsuit you actually want to wear. You might even say it was fun!

Size 0 to 24, A to G cup

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With Aloha

When you shop with Nani Nalu, it is more than just finding a swimsuit that fits. Our clients often tell us that we played a part in changing their personal body perspective. Giving confidence and acceptance to women is the most rewarding part of our job. We strive to help women of all ages and sizes celebrate where they are today and the body that has gotten them this far. 

Our motto:

​"Do not let your mind bully your body""

Not Local? Work with our fit experts to ship the fitting room to you.



Tropical Leaves

"Shopping for a swimsuit mostly sucks, unless you go to Nani Nalu."

- Clarissa, Colorado

"My fit expert asked me to trust her even though I needed to get past my own insecurities. I ended up with a bikini!"

- Dee, Michigan

"The experience was phenomenal, fun, and empowering.


- Samantha, Missouri 

Tropical Leaves
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