Tears, anxiety, kicking and screaming, hair pulling and sleepless nights. These ailments can all be brought on by women's most dreaded shopping quest: the swimsuit. Jennifer Cermak, owner of Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique, has seen it all and understands the sentiment. "It's lingerie that you wear in public," she says. It's her mission to fit women of all sizes 0 to 18, A-cup to G-cup - and make them feel comfortable - in their dream suits.

Cermak ensures the stores selections are brought in based on fit, and not on current trends or magazine influence. “I want to offer real solutions to flatter the body. Things that are cute on models in magazines go out of style quickly and usually do not look that great on curvy bodies. I stand by offering Fit First with Fashion.”

With designers who focus on quality, fit and fashion, Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique brings you the latest styles and fashion trends for swim & beach, all year round! We are happy to offer our great selection and incredible personal service to women who want coverage, and who enjoy sophisticated & fashionable style!

Offering our exclusive Fit & Flatter service, we promise you will feel comfortable in our fitting room lounge and that you will love the service and support you receive while discovering the perfect swimsuit for YOUR body.  Appointments are available daily and recommended.